AS 1000 NY      Yellow Nitro Kit   Retail Cost $320.00


AS 1000 NR          Red Nitro Kit       Retail Cost $290.00



AS 1000 EY      Yellow Electric Kit Retail  $310.00

AS 1000 ER          Red Electric Kit  Retail $280.00



AS 1000 NG    Green Nitro Kit     Retail $320.00


AS 1000 EG   Green Electric Kit  Retail $310.00



AS 1000 NB         Blue Nitro Kit      Retail $320.00


AS 1000 EB         Blue Electric Kit  Retail $310.00


clear artattack

AS 1000 NC        Clear Nitro Kit     Retail $320.00


AS 1000 EC        Clear Electric Kit   Retail $310.00



AS 1000 NTG               Transparent Green      Nitro Kit                        Retail $320.00


AS 1000 ETG              Transparent Green Electric Kit          Retail $310.00


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Save $ 100 on the transmission when purchasing with an Electric kit.

AS 2002NT                                 $ 379.00                                Includes an Electric kit of your choice.



Note: These are unassembled kits, Nitro kits will require rear exhaust engines, mufflers, joint tubes and a 2 channel transmitter with 2 servos.

Electric kits will require a transmission, motor, speed controls, battery and a 2 channel transmitter with 1 servo.

Shipping note: Shipping costs for USA and Canada are automatically added to the cost of the kits purchased, all other international shipping needs to be estimated, contact