This page Has been designed to warn customers about ArtAttack kits which as are being sold as new kits on ebay by Petroplace. These kits were manufactured in 2001, our first sampling. These Kits were recalled. Sold kits were recalled when we found the following parts not being fuel proof or strong enough for their purpose. Unfortunately the upgraded parts did not get replaced on some kits, please check what you are buying very carefully.


The original frame is not fuel proof, it has been redesigned with stronger ribbing, New materials were used to make it fuel proof. This frame will not fit the transmission for electric use, it has to be altered by the manufacturer to fit the transmission.


To check if you have the new fuel proof frame, measure the exhaust hole, it should be 2 3/8 inches long, the original one is 1 1/8 long. also the 2 posts on top for the frame have been removed. This frame was molded with 30% glass filled nylon.


The original pan was not fuelproof , the steering rods opening also made it too flexible. Once the pan starts melting the servos will not respond correctly and you may loose control of the sled.Also once snow gets in the pan from the steering arms hole, your electronics will get fried.


In addition to making the new pan fuel proof, strengthening ribs were added and the steering shaft opening has been closed to stop water from entering the pan.


The original drive pulley had to be glued, we found the gear design collected snow and caused jamming.


The new main drive pulley has been glued and machined to minimize snow build up. Many types have been redesigned since.


The original Y axles were made of ABS they will break as you install them.


The new Y axles have been changed to a glass filled material and ribbing has been added for strength.


Receiver box.


A receiver protection box was added in 2002 and upgraded in 2005 the newest one should say ArtAttack on the lid.


The original bearing shaft was made of ABS, after a short test we found out it easily broke.


Radii were added to the new shaft and Lexan with 30% glass was used to produce a much stronger shaft.


Drive belt: The original drive belt stretched


The new drive belt has been redesigned with Kevlar, stretching has been eliminated.


Due to the problems most customers had in fitting the bearings into the rear idlers, these are now supplied with the bearings already glued and fitted correctly.


The original shaft does not fit main drive bearings

bearin issue

The Original frame bearing pockets do not fit shaft bearings.


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