Track Drives


AS 1060 GT                                        Gearless Track                                    This track has been designed to eliminate the collection of snow in the drive system. We have also incorporated a deep lug track. GT pulley required.The thinner membrane is more flexible, giving less stress to the engine when under extreme cold weather.                                         Retail $ 65.00



Gearless Track detail


AS 1060 DL                                        Deep Lug Track                                   For a Bigger bite and faster speeds.  Retail $ 63



These machined track pulleys offer an alternative to the stock track, all with the purpose of clearing material as to minimize the collection of snow in the drive system.


AS 1010-2                               $ 23.56 Standard Stock Track Pulley



AS 1010-3                                $ 23.56 The thinner gears will reduce the interfearence even more.


1.10.14track pulley

AS 1010-4                                $ 23.56 This style will allow you to place the studs closer to the edge.                        


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AS 1010 GT                                           Gearless Track Pulley                           Deasigned to eliminate the collection of snow between the track and the pulley, a clean drive system will minimize your clean up time and prolong the life of your engine.                                                 Retail cost $ 13.00