The Double Shock Rear Suspension, AS 1076 R


A suspension strong enough to support jumps up to 4 feet vertical drop. Includes 2 high tension oil filled shocks, 2 radial springs to support the proper shape,  Includes idlers and all bearings shown. Idlers and colors are revised yearly and may not look as described in this photo. This suspension can now be purchased without Rear Idlers and adjustment shaft which may already be present in yout kit, below are purchase options.

AS 1076 R                       Full suspension with rear Idlers and adjustments shaft as shown in the above photo.               Retail $ 139.95



A stainless steel shaft, CNC machined, supports 2 heavy duty Associated Shocks and Boca bearings.


The position of the bearing shaft has been lowered to allow clearance for the heads of the studs.

The Carriage has been Knocked to clear for the heads of the adjustment screws, and longer screws have been added.


The T-Axle is molded out of 30% glass filled Nylon, fully tested to support the sled up to 4 feet vertical jumps.

The Kit contains instructions on 2 additional holes are necessary to install the suspension, the carriage springs must be engaged into 2 holes in The T-Axle for the suspension to function.

double shock w.out idler

AS 1076 RW  Suspension without rear idlers and adjustment shaft                         Retail $ 119.95


idlers assebled

Use these idlers from your kit to complete the assembly.

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