Electric Snowmobile with transmission

electric snowmobile

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AS 2002 NT                    Transmission, includes spur and 5mm bore, pinion, 32 pitch. This transmission has been revised, it will not fit original kits unless remachined by the manufacturer.

$ 129.00


Direct drive snowmobile

direct drive with rider
direct drive w rider 2
direct drive installed 3

We had 4 tests on the direct drive and finally came up with the right combination, Sorry about the quality of the videos but we will have fresh ones soon.

Click on the links below to view this direct drive snowmobile.



News about the track

There is one more thing about these sleds, they are not standard, up until now we have been limited to a 1/8 inch deep lug, these sleds have a 5/16 lug, see comparison below.

compare tracks 2
compare tracks 3

Our new deep lug track and the new deeper padle track comparison

track compare 3

The deep lug measures 1/8 of an inch.

How did we do it

With these

small bearing inser 1

16mm bearings with pocket fillers

Presently your sled is designed to accomodate a 1/8 inch track, the gearless track a little more. In order to allow a deeper lug track we have to move the main drive pulley down.  By inserting these spacers and smaller bearing you can lower the pulley by 3/16 of an inch. Thats the first step, by doing this your drive pulley attached to the small belt will not fit. What you will need is a 30 teeth drive pulley , listed on top of the page. The good news is this pulley will give you 25 % more speed then the stock pulley.Now comes the decision making part...if you have a transmission, there is no problem, you will pick up the extra speed automatically, if you have a direct drive sled you will need a 10 tooth pulley for the motor, and also a heat sink, the motor will overheat otherwise.

track compare 4

Our track measures 5/16 of an inch.

frame small bearing

You have to make sure both bearings are centered at the very bottom of the old bearing pocket, glue them in place when you have figured out where that is. Locktite super glue for rubber and plastic is a good choice of glue.


Lug Extensions

16mm bearings with pocket fillers and 20 lug extensions    $34.95



Transmission pulley 1/5 pitch, 14 teeth           $13.95



32 pitch, 24 tooth pinion gear          $9.95



Transmission pulley, 1/5 pitch 22 teeth         $15.95



32 pitch, 18 teeth             $10.95



30 tooth drive pulley                $16.95



48 Tooth Spur Gear, 32 pitch $12.99



32 pitch, 28 tooth pinion gear        $9.95


The videos of the snowmobiles you watched have these components in them.


Direct Drive Mount   

direct drive

Direct drive mount, for a short time    $39.95


hobbywing heatsink

5mm boar, 10 tooth 1/5 pitch $15.95   Available soon

direct drive 3

5mm boar, 12 teeth 1/5 pitch $15.95   Available soon


5mm boar, 15 tooth direct drive $15.95


Hobbywing heatsink with some alterations

Get it anywhere

This combination is now available

direct drive 5mmboar15tooth stock36teethdrivepulley

Direct Drive mount

5mm boar, 15 tooth pulley

Your stock 36 teeth drive pulley

More goodies coming

brush flap 3

Brush Flap

$ 29.95


brush flap 2
brush flap

2018 Combo       1/8 Scale 2100 KV brushless motor.           120 AMP waterproof ESC with cooling fan Your Price    $149.95


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