We will start by gathering the components for the rear idlers assembly


Use plastic safe glue on the sides of the idler pocket to attach bearing to pocket, bearing MUST be fully inserted to the bottom of the pocket.

seat the bearing

Use a dowel the same size of the outside diameter of the bearing and using a small hammer, seat the bearing all the way down.


Insert to adjustment shaft as shown and add e-clips.


Notch both carriages as shown, enough to clear the head of the adjustment screw.


Cut off Carriages in front of the bearing shaft holes.

This is new, these are solutions to stop the adjustment screw from loosening and allow the belt to come off.


Using a .90 drill bit, drill a hole in this spot. Do not tap.


Insert 4/40 set screw supplied in the attachment bag. The distance from the adjustment shaft to the bottom of the screw head should be 1/2 inch. The head of the screw should be touching the back of the rail.


Insert idlers to carriage as shown.

Alternative quick solutions

adjustment settings

 Use (2) 1 1/4 inch 4/40 screws (not included) and place a ball cup at the end as shown, set the distance from the adjustment shaft to the bottom of the screw head at 1/2 inch. This temporary solution will stop the adjustment screw from loosening.

fixing adjustment issue

Using a piece of fuel line will also work


Insert rear Y-axle and torsion springs as shown


Insert carriage bracket and rear of torsion springs as shown.


assemble bearing shaft and attach e-clips.


Complete assembly as shown.


Place a small washer behind the front Y-Axle as shown.


Drill a .110 hole on both sides, through washer, for location.


Attach shaft with supplied screw.


Drill a .125 hole on the rear Y-Axle as shown. Center on panel’ 1/4 “ from the bottom of the square pocket.


Insert the supplied socket head screw, then washer, then spring and attach to center of shaft.


Completed assembly, engage carriage springs into holes on the rear Y-Axle.


Using a heat gun, warm up the area of the track belt, warped from shipping as to return the belt to a circular shape.


Fit your drive shaft to the drive pulley, prior to assembly, a loose fit is required for final assembly.


Insert your drive shaft through your pulley while track belt is in place, through bearing holes.Note: The round portion of the shaft is near the exhaust holes of the frame.


Insert bearings and E-clips inside tunnel area.

assembly 003

Insert bearings and e-clips on both sides.


Insert front Y-axle first then rear axle.

assembly 005

Make sure you have engaged carriage springs into holes on rear Y-axle.

assembly 006

Adjust tension on the trackbelt from the 2 holes on the belt, line them up with the adjustment screws on the adjustment shaft. There should be 1/8 to 1/4 inch of space between the 2 bearings and the track when pulling on the track in that area.

complete susp assembly 001

When finished the suspension should look like this.


Glue cap to drive gear with plastic safe glue.


Insert at the end of the drive shaft as shown, add e-clip.


Find (2), 8/32 phillips heads and 2 large locknuts in this bag..

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