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direct drive with rider1


Direct Drive 3/1/18

DSCN0224 (1)

Its finally here, Direct drive for our RC snowmobile, check out our testing on youtube, See link below

First test


Second test


Third test


Whats new at ArtAttack Snowmobile?

Speed is the usual goal. For this project we are using our stock 2100kv brushless motor with a fan cooled 120A ESC. Both are waterproof and available. Our goal is to increase the speed not only on these stock items but for all the ArtAttack RC snowmobiles out there. With this project we increased the speed by 25%.

Most of the speed we will derive by using a smaller drive pulley, the one on the right has 30 teeth, our stock pulley has 37.

Pictures of the 2 pulleys are on the right.

This change will increase speeds by 23 % its very important to know that your motor and ESC can handle the increased torque desired, this combo can.

The balance of increased speed is achieved by removing paddles from your track, in the photo on the right you can see that we removed 2 paddles and skipped one, we also wanted to create a bigger bite, so be glued a 1/8” of cut out paddle on each one of them.

This is a little hard to do on a stock sled, the deeper paddles will interfere with the tunnel. To take care of that problem we lowered the bearing pockets on the drive shaft by 1/8” and epoxied the top of the hole. See photo on the right.

We also added a double shock suspension and a custom extra wide front suspension, this will be useful when we mount a rider, ( more videos to come for results of that test.)

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